Wellness Group for Teen Girls

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Art Therapy Series I

Art Therapy is a psychodynamic therapeutic approach that uses the non-verbal language of art making and verbal communication for personal growth, insight, healing and transformation. Using the creative process in a therapeutic setting enhances our ability to make meaning out of our experiences and reconcile emotional conflicts. Art creations record and hold our hopes, dreams, emotions and conflicts as we find new ways of healing and repair. Some benefits include: positive changes in the body, enhanced resilience, increased coping skills, stress reduction, improved mood and outlook, enhanced brain-functioning, decreased depression, and increased ability to articulate emotions.


Wellness Group for Teen Girls


To engage in art therapy as a way to practice self-care and wellness. Learn strategies to use art as a way of getting to know yourself; to connect to your mind, body, and inner wisdom; and to build on your inner resources to reduce stress, anxiety, and worry.


3 sessions on Mondays starting January 23 6pm-7:30pm.


Rocky Mountain Psychological Services
220, 1509 Centre Street SW




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