Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Cassandra White

Cassandra has been the owner and Director of RMPS since 2013. She brings more than 20 years of experience in working with children and families to the practice. Her background and expertise in the areas of assessment and treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders and ADHD as well as her knowledge of neurofeedback therapy and play therapy give her the broad base of knowledge to direct this multi-faceted private psychology practice.

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In addition to her experience in assessment and treatment of learning disabilities and giftedness, Cassandra has training and expertise in Child Psychotherapy and Play Therapy. She has worked extensively with children and their families regarding treatment of anxiety, depression, behavioral issues and emotion regulation using play-based and expressive interventions. Cassandra is also a clinical supervisor who provides supervision and consultation to other practitioners specializing in working with children.

Cassandra’s experience and knowledge is not only academic; she is the mother of four children. Her experience of being a parent of four children makes her a very practical and realistic therapist. She understands the demands of parenting and does not rely on “book knowledge” or recommendations that appear unattainable for parents. She prides herself in understanding both the needs of the parents and the child. She looks for ways to enhance family functioning so that parents can feel competent and successful in their difficult jobs of raising children with a variety of complex needs.

Shamir Ladhani

Shamir joined Rocky Mountain Psychological Services (RMPS) in 2018 as a Business Consultant and is currently serving as Senior Business Consultant. Being an engineer, he gets excited about evidence-based technologies applied at RMPS to help individuals improve self-regulation, manage ADHD symptoms and enhance their abilities to function at their peak in personal and professional settings.

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Being a father, he is passionate about serving families, especially children whose mental well-being is paramount to our society’s future.

Shamir is a former Vice-President of a Calgary-based Fortune 500 engineering company. After achieving standing as a HeartMath(R) Certified Trainer and HeartMath(R) Certified Coach, he was invited to speak on local, national and international stages featuring notable authors and speakers in Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Mexico and the United States. He is a proud father of two daughters, a supporter of the Calgary Distress Centre, an award-winning stage actor, business growth consultant and a leadership coach and trainer.

Kellie Lanktree

Kellie is a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. She completed a Bachelor of Child and Youth Care with the University of Victoria and a Master of Education in Counselling Psychology through the University of Lethbridge.

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Kellie has over 10 years experience supporting children and youth with developmental disorders/delays and their families. Kellie has experience working in schools, clinical settings, and within homes to provide support and therapeutic interventions. Through her time at RMPS, Kellie has also gained experience in helping individuals affected by trauma, grief/loss, separations, emotional dysregulation, depression, and anxiety. Kellie practices through developmental, attachment-based and trauma-informed lenses, and draws from a variety of play-based approaches such as Synergetic Play Therapy, Child-centered play therapy, DIR/Floortime, art-based mediums, and mindfulness-based practices. Kellie also provides Neurofeedback therapy, and is working on receiving her certification through BCIA. Kellie believes in meeting children and their families where they are at and that there is no “one size fits all” for therapy.

Helena Morris

Helena Morris is a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. Helena holds a Master’s in Counselling from the University of Victoria, and she specializes in providing counselling and psychotherapy to children, youth and families who are facing various challenges and mental health concerns.

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Helena has worked with children and their families for about 10 years. She draws from narrative and cognitive behavioural therapy approaches and utilizes sensory exploration, grounding and mindfulness during sessions. She works within an attachment-based and trauma-informed lens to help young people build resilience and emotional regulation.

Helena has experience working with a wide range of presenting issues including anxiety and depression, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder, addictions, trauma and behavioural concerns. She also has training and experience in suicide intervention and prevention and non-suicidal self-injury. Helena has worked within a variety of settings including crisis residential programs, schools and mental health centres.

Kelsey Moss

Kelsey is a Psychological Assistant at RMPS, specializing in Biofeedback. She completed her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Victoria in 2019, and is currently a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology student with Yorkville University.

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Kelsey spent four years researching concussions and mild traumatic brain injuries during her studies, and has over two years of experience administering qEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) Brain Maps and Neurofeedback. She is also a 200hr Yoga Teacher trained in mindfulness and the mind-body connection

Katie Musgrove

Katie is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and a member of the Alberta Psychological Association .  She completed both her undergraduate degree in psychology and Master of Education (Counselling Psychology) at the University of Lethbridge.

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Katie has over 8 years of experience working with children, teens, and the people who raise them. Katie’s experiences have taken place in educational institutions, community agencies, and in the homes of clients. Coming from a background of working with youth with developmental and intellectual disabilities, Katie is experienced in working with individuals with autism, ADHD, ODD, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, and attachment disorders. As a therapist, Katie is also experienced in helping individuals with anxiety, depression, identity exploration, interpersonal conflict, and trauma.

Katie is a neurodiversity and LGBTQ+ affirming practitioner, and practices using a strength-based and empathetic approach to working with clients. Katie draws from a variety of modalities, including Synergetic Play Therapy, emotion-focused therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, and often incorporates non-directive and directive play, art, and mindfulness into session. Katie is also a Certified AutPlay Therapy Provider and a Certified Safe & Sound Protocol Provider.

John Pynn

John is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. He completed his Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University. He brings more than 20 years of experience working with children, teens, and families in a variety of settings. He brings a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere to sessions.

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John uses an integrated counselling approach including client-centred, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and Solution-Focussed therapy (SFT) to find the best-fit for clients. He has experience with a variety of mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, anger, self-
esteem, relationships, parenting, ADHD, grief/loss, addictions, and trauma. This broad experience comes from working in schools, social service agencies, group-care, and clinical settings. He also draws from the practical experience of being a parent to two teenagers as well as a husband. Supporting and empowering clients with mental health concerns is something John genuinely enjoys. John also provides counselling for adults and holds a Gottman level 1 certification for couples therapy.

Adrianna Rabeda-Kowalczak

Adrianna is a Registered Provisional Psychologist who thrives on listening to her Clients’ stories. She specializes in assessment, neurofeedback, and counseling, and is always excited to learn more! She holds an M.Sc. in Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology.

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Her work means being a detective, who discovers the underlying issues that prevent her Clients from thriving, and a tailor, who makes sure that the Client’s individual needs are met, and well-being improves, one session at a time. Her skillset includes Solution-Focused, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Drama Therapy techniques. The greatest honor for Adrianna is to be a part of the Client’s healing process!

Denise Riewe

Denise has completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences through the University of Lethbridge and a Master of Counselling with Athabasca University. She is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists and a member of the Psychological Association of Alberta.

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Denise has over 9 years of experience supporting children, youth and their families in both residential and community-based practices. Denise is experienced in working with high and at-risk youth, supporting children and their families with strength-based approaches.

She practices from a client-center approach supported by Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Theraplay, and other play and art-based modalities.

Amanda Stoner

Amanda is a Registered Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. Amanda earned her doctoral degree in Psychology at Brock University in Ontario in 2017, with a specialization in developmental psychology. Amanda provides formal assessment services at RMPS.

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Since 2009, Amanda has received formal training and work experience in private practice settings in conducting psycho-educational assessments for students ranging from preschool through university. Amanda is skilled at test administration, interpretation of data, and report writing for various referral questions including ADHD, Learning Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Anxiety, Giftedness, and Intellectual Disabilities. Amanda enjoys working with people of all ages from diverse backgrounds, and she tries to make the testing environment feel relaxed and comfortable while maintaining integrity in testing protocol.

Barbara Tkachenko

Barbara is a Psychological Assistant at RMPS. She is finishing her Masters of Counseling degree through City University in Seattle. Barbara recently completed her Masters of Counseling internship at RMPS. Prior to completing her Masters Degree, Barbara completed her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the Federal University of Bahia in Brazil.

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Currently, Barbara is part of the Assessment and Neurofeedback teams at RMPS where she brings her passion for learning and her varied background in working with children with special needs as well as teens and adults with mental health concerns. Barbara is working towards the registration process for becoming a psychologist with a primary focus in assessment. In her spare time, Barbara enjoys reading books and listening to Jazz. She loves nature and is into outdoor activities such as biking.


Misha Waheed

Misha is a Registered Provisional Psychologist who provides treatment for a variety of concerns, including anxiety, depression, stress, life transitions, and relationship issues.  In the last 10 years, she has worked with children, youth, and adults who have experienced complex trauma and associated mental health concerns.

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She is passionate about supporting Indigenous and minority communities, and offers counselling in English, Urdu, and Hindi.

Megan Cook

Megan is a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. Megan earned her Master of Education in School and Applied Child Psychology from the University of Calgary.

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Megan has received formal training and work experience in private practice and within the school setting in conducting psychoeducational assessments and group intervention. Megan is skilled at working with individuals from diverse backgrounds with a variety of referral questions such as ADHD, Learning Disorders, Anxiety, Giftedness, and Intellectual Disabilities.

Natalie Connors

Natalie recently moved back to Calgary, her hometown, from Vancouver to pursue registration as a Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. She completed her undergraduate degree (Bachelor of Arts in Psychology) at the University of Calgary and her Masters of Education in School and Applied Child Psychology at the University of British Columbia.

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She is currently a Registered Provisional Psychologist with the College of Alberta Psychologists. She specializes in assessment, including psychoeducational, social-emotional-behavioural,
ADHD, and gifted assessments, as well as counseling. Natalie loves to see her clients gain understanding of themselves and develop strategies for building resilience and emotional regulation. Natalie draws from Cognitive-Behavioural-Theory and Synergetic Play Therapy approaches, and utilizes talk, play, and expressive art modalities during her sessions. She is constantly learning, and is interested in gaining knowledge and experience in various models including attachment theory, trauma informed practice, and neurotherapy.

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